'Experimenting with videography'
By Aaron Epping
In my free time I'm working on a documentary about another amazing artist and good friend of mine 'PINKMESSIAH'. We're doing this project because he is dropping his debut album "F***** up outside, beauty inside the mind" this year. So this documentary will serve as some sort of advertisement for the album but next to that also as an introduction of his artistic talent for the world to see.

At first I wanted to try and write a book for this school assignment, with the deadline of the documentary coming closer I didn't have enough time to be going out for shoots, doing research, editing, having to go to work, sports, driving lessons and then have to write a whole story on the side. Based on that I chose to change this assignment from "How do I write a compelling and relatable story?" to "How do I make an interesting video?".
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A Bani Posta Production
All visuals are directed, shot and edited by me
All music is produced, mixed and written by PINKMESSIAH
I started out looking for locations that would fit the feeling of the music PINKMESSIAH had sent me. I sent him the top 5 location I had found and we decided on which ones were worth it together. After that we wrote a quick script that we could look at from time to time. It was only bullet points though, I want the documentary really show who he is as a person so I decided to make the dialogue feel like a you're in a conversation with him.

You can see that the colors and overall feel of that video don't seem right. After filming as much shots as we could and covering as much topics as we could in about 3 weeks it was time for me to do some research on effects, composition, etc.

I made multiple different experiments with different styles and feels to see what would fit the best:
When I finally found the perfect one I started experimenting with how to make the video interesting to watch and how to make unique transitions etc.
I already knew exactly what I wanted the video to look like but I still wanted to experiment with different styles just to see. I chose a couple of shots with some dialogue to test some subtitles and audio effects. After a couple of tries I finally got to this final product:
A couple of pictures taken during filming:
Portfolio website: aaronepping.nl
A Bani Posta Production
All the visuals are directed, shot and edited by me
All music is made by PINKMESSIAH
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