Music by Aaron Epping
I have been making music since I was 12 years old. These are some of the songs / albums I've worked on over the years + the visuals I made to support them.
"Nothing but a distant memory 2019/2022" Fully produced, written and mixed by me:
Random music by Aaron Epping playlist:
Uniquely Crafted + Mumble rapping (2022)
These are 2 songs from 2019 that I remastered together with PINKMESSIAH. The 'Uniquely crafted' instrumental was remade by PINKMESSIAH and was originally made by me. The Mumble instrumental was originally made by Craig D'Conquer and remixed by me.
Chapter 9 (2021):
I made this album when the lockdown was finally coming to an end. Me and my girlfriend at the time had broken up and I finally had the chance to take a couple of months to really find out who I was and wanted to be and do in my life. During this time I learned a lot about myself and life in general and that's also the reason that there's such a big difference between this project and my previous albums. I was also getting more into music theory at the time. I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself. I also did a photoshoot for the visuals.
Running (2021)
There are probably like 10 more versions of what would become "Chapter 9" and this is one of them.
I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself.
DreamScape (2020):
I made this album during the second year of corona. I was having a lot of personal issues and the only way to blow off steam for me was through music since we obviously couldn't go anywhere at the time. I wanted to make the album feel as lonely as possible.
I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself. I also did a photoshoot for the visuals.
FALL ep (2020)
To be honest I can't really remember much about this album, these were basically throwaways for the album above "DreamScape". I wanted to release them anyways but sadly never did.
Untitled album (2020):
I never had a name in mind while making this album, I named it "Wrong influences" later on because this album is the product of me realizing I'm hanging around with the wrong people. I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself.
Jenembae (2019-2020):
I started making this album at the start of corona. I hadn't figured out exactly who I was and the thing I had figured I had forgotten due to personal issues. This album is the product of me hanging around with people who had a bad influence in my life. People that made me feel that being ignorant was 'gangster'. I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself.
AARON (2019):
I made this album when I was 17 and I had just felt my first heartbreak. This was probably my lowest point in life and I tried to make the music reflect that. I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself.
This was the first ever fully self-produced album I made. I was 16 at the time and did not know much about music. Still I'm really impressed with my 16 year old self everytime I listen to it. I wrote/produced/mixed/visualized everything myself.
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